Historical photomontages

The interior of the restaurant Ponte di Pietra is decorated with genuine photographs from the golden era boom in the royal town of Pelhřimov. By Chrástecký photo studio.


Urban transport Pelhrimov
First Sokol session in Pelhřimov
Benes and Sons
Sons fromČervená Řečice
Exercise with a fireman sail
Stone bridge Pelhřimov
Legendary winner of race from Kojčice to Pelhřimov - Jan Antonin Pacak.
Boat traffic channel ...
Little comrades struggle against imperialist bugs!
Found in the archives of prof. Pesek
Finding the tomb of the first Sokol Chief - brother Hlavata.
Blasting of the stone bridge from c.k. Austrian army.
Unity of Pelhřimovs bikers.
Pelhřimov maneuvers of c.k. field army.
View of Pelhrimov over the Brothers Forman steer.
View of Pelhrimov over the back of Mr. Slavik cow.
View of Pelhrimov over the back of Mr. Charvát sheeps.
The last train of Prague-Pelhrimov track.
Construction of the Pelhrimov subway.
Tornado completed the construction of a new tower of Pelhřimov ... It was built after by some Frenchman in another city...
Participants of the Tour de Pelhřimov.